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  • Amazing Concept Cars We Totally Forgot About November 25, 2022
    My son was playing with a few of my old die-cast cars from when I was a kid — Hot Wheels and stuff like that. Among the collection were a few concept cars I had loved as a kid, but completely forgot about later. You may have too. Concept cars are typically just that: Concepts. […]
    Lawrence Hodge
  • DeSoto Firelite, Mercedes C63 AMG, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow: The Dopest Cars I Found for Sale Online November 25, 2022
    Who doesn’t love a deal? Who doesn’t want a deal? It’s Black Friday, after all — there are certain things we expect from our capitalist society’s holiest of days. We want discounts and doorbusters. Consumerism! We love it!Read more...
    Steve DaSilva
  • The Isuzu VehiCROSS and Mercedes R107 SL Share One Design Element November 25, 2022
    If you put a R107 Mercedes-Benz SL and an Isuzu VehiCROSS next to each other, at first glance, you’ll likely find they have almost nothing in common. Sure, both cars have four wheels, lights and two doors, but other than that – there’s not much to grab at. It’s understandable that you’d come to that […]
    Andy Kalmowitz
  • The 2023 Genesis GV60 AWD Performance Is a Quirky, Luxurious Video-Game Car November 25, 2022
    If I have one huge complaint about electric cars and their increasing popularity, it’s that the American charging infrastructure could be a lot better and more reliable. If I have two complaints, it’s that plus the fact that most EVs are too normal. I want more weirdness in my life, but I don’t want that […]
    Kyle Hyatt
  • A Secret Event in 'Sega Touring Car Championship' Captured the Festive Spirit November 25, 2022
    It’s 1997. Titanic is sweeping theaters all over the globe. Michael Schumacher once again makes a desperate move to protect a championship bid, except this time it doesn’t work. A children’s novel about an 11-year-old wizard releases to widespread critical and commercial acclaim and it’s impossible to imagine its…Read more...
    Adam Ismail